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Parish Council


The Parish Council, which typically meets monthly, has a range of responsibilities within St Margaret’s including:

1. Financial Stewardship: They oversee the parish’s financial affairs, including the budget, fundraising efforts, and the allocation of financial resources to support the mission and ministries of the church.

2. Decision-Making: They play a pivotal role in decision-making processes, especially concerning matters such as changes to the church’s policies, facilities, and programs. Decisions are typically made through a collaborative and consensus-building approach.

3. Strategic Planning: Council members often engage in strategic planning to envision the future of the parish and may develop long-term plans to address the evolving needs of the congregation and the community.

4. Outreach and Community Engagement: Members of the Parish Council foster connections between the parish and the broader local community.

5. Reporting and Accountability
The Parish Council is accountable to the congregation and provides reports on the state of the parish at the Annual Vestry Meeting.

Parish Council – 2023/2024

The elected members of the Parish Council are:

  • Christine Barber – Treasurer
  • Leni Brown
  • Katherine Dellit
  • Debbie Stearne
Nomination Committee
  • Leni Brown
  • Katherine Dellit
  • Ian Walsh